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As Director of the Operations Team at APN Outdoor, I’ve been really frustrated, in the past, by how hard it is to find high quality, tailored training courses for our staff. 

When we found Enterprise Coach, Harvey was given a brief overview of the business and the challenges that Operations faced in their day to day jobs. He took it from there and related the course content to APN very effectively. 

The feedback was really positive and all the guys really enjoyed it. I think that getting the personal profile on themselves really worked and, of course, made them understand not only how to communicate within the team but also with their managers, clients and the rest of the business.

I’ve already seen a change in the behaviour for the Service Delivery guys and how they communicate with me and with each other. It would also seem that they have bonded a lot more and made them more of a team.

  D. McKiernan
                APN Oiutdoor

Regular coaching with Harvey has made a world of difference. I now have a much clearer idea of the direction I am taking my business, and how to get there. Harveys' approach is encouraging and empathetic; he asks the right questions, and allows me to answer them in my own words. I find this technique very helpful as I am able to fully relate what is being said back to my own situation. Harvey also provides valuable take-home exercises, which have assisted me in better understanding important aspects of my business. Thank you Harvey!

H. K.
  Interior Designer

With Harvey’s expertise, I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel. Harvey is not only excellent at what he does, he is also a man of his word, with high integrity and a genuine care for the people he works with. I am happy to be contacted.

  WH&S Manager

After having Harvey attend our business I now feel more at ease and have a better understanding of not only myself but also my colleagues and, how each person could potentially action or respond to different facets of the business. There was a feeling of relief and plenty of "Ah Ha!" moments when Harvey explained Talent Dynamics and how the flow between everyone works, I truly look forward to the growth of this business and the people in it thanks to Harvey.

K. Oliver
  IT Pros