Personality Tests (also known as psychometric assessments) measure aspects of someone's personality.  Your personality is far more complex and nuanced than any test will ever be able to measure. 


Having said that, we have selected to use the tests outlined below with our clients because the assessments:

  • Provide validated results, 

  • Deliver excellent quality reports,

  • Are best-of-breed tools to increase understanding of the self and others,

  • Measure what they are supposed to measure, and 

  • Create practical actions that you can take to further develop your awareness around what's been assessed and build on it. 

These single-science tests can be "stacked" to become "multi-science" assessments - producing more predictive, accurate an useful feedback.

Enterprise Coach is Multi-Science Certified by TTI Success Insights.



Talent Dynamics logo.jpg

The Talent Dynamics profile test is a strengths-based assessment designed to show you where your value is in your team, how it can be unlocked and how you can share it with others to improve job satisfaction, productivity and most importantly the bottom line.


DISC logo.png

DISC is the world's #1 behavioural assessment, taken by millions of people every year and is estimated to be in use by 75% of Fortune 500 companies.


DISC is a very simple yet powerful four-quadrant framework used to articulate the common ways that all human beings tend to behave and communicate.


The four fundamental aspects of behaviour described by the DISC model are involved in every aspect of life and are therefore essential to our understanding of how people prefer to operate in the workplace.

DISC explores the question: HOW do we prefer to behave and communicate?



Values are arguably the most important and most overlooked element of personality. Very few people can articulate their own values or are aware that all values can be traced back to half a dozen primary "motivators."


The Motivators model is backed by more than 25 years of research, uncovering 6 core motivators and 12 driving forces that drive human behaviour. 

Motivators explores the question: WHY do we move into action?

Used with the DISC Profile Test, Workplace Motivators give a deeper understanding of your values and what drives you as a leader.  This can be used with each individual in your team, giving you the power to deeply understand those you're leading.


EQ .png

Highly developed emotional intelligence is one of the most sought after skills in business.


Research suggests that people who have well developed emotional intelligence tend to enjoy greater mental and physical health, increased job performance, more productive relationships, and a host of other benefits.


This EQ test report provides a business-friendly framework to understand, measure, and apply emotional intelligence in the workplace. 

EQ explores the question: DO we actively apply our emotional intelligence?


It's now possible to measure Workplace Stress - so that you can manage it.  


This proven assessment tool is the best measure of the Stress hot-spots in your organisation and it's easy to implement.

To discuss how you can measure and better manage Stress in your organisation, get in touch for a quote.