Enterprise Coach is a leadership development company that helps executives, business owners and their teams to lead differently - for themselves and their clients.


We work with leaders and their teams in the corporate and SME world as well as those who have struggled to find their voice or assert themselves in the workplace.


Enterprise Coach believes that leadership development is not just about changing what people say or do but, also, it's about assisting people with accessing new ways of being - ones which are authentic, mindful, courageous and balanced.

We help Senior Executives, Business Owners, Managers, and those that aspire to be, to become the leaders they dream of being. 


We have proven that a great leader doesn't have to be born that way.  Practical leadership tools and skills, increased awareness of self, and others, and effective communication will deliver the desired results for success.





Harvey James delivers coaching and training to Executives, Business Owners and individuals across a wide range of service industries including Finance, I.T., Marketing and Media.

With over 14 years’ experience as a successful business owner, Harvey credits his strong focus on people and relationships for his success. 

He is driven to enable people to defy their own expectations in business by doing it with integrity and in alignment with their personal values  - seeking out improvement in himself every day so he can better support others in achieving theirs!


Harvey is passionate about helping people to develop their own leadership skills so they can make a difference in the world. He believes that everyone deserves powerful conversations and transformational leadership that achieve better results for everyone; he provides these through his coaching and training programs that are focused, at their core, on delivering results differently - through increased self-awareness, personal growth and accountability for his clients.