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You Increase Our Impact

We aim to have a life-changing impact on our clients lives and businesses every day!

We also aim to make a broader difference to the world around us - so that our activities improve the world, rather than diminish it.  Which is why we became lifetime partners with B1G1 - Business for Good.

How it works

Every time you engage us for coaching, training or self-development and pay your fee - we give a portion of our profit to a project that helps people in genuine need.

This revolutionary way of giving back is one of the best ways that we have found to make a difference to the world!

Impact of Enterprise Coach, Harvey James, business for good
TOGETHER we make a difference!

Whether we work with you on a single program or on an ongoing basis, we give back to a range of high-impact, charitable projects. 100% of what we give reaches the people it aims to help.

The projects include providing access to clean drinking water, life-changing operations such as the gift of sight, medication and medical support programs, hygiene and sanitisation assistance, environmental protection, irrigation systems for villages, healthy nutrition programs, support of women in crisis, solar lighting and education resources for children.

You can even be part of selecting which projects matter to you, and what projects you would like us to give to, by visiting our B1G1 Connect Page here.