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Harvey James, media citations, executive coaching, business coaching, group training, self development

Your Success begins here!

If you're feeling frustrated, stressed, bogged down and stuck in your executive role or business, without any of the work/life balance, or rewards, you dream of having - you are only one step away from massive and positive change.  Our executive coaching, business coaching, group training and self development services deliver a proven system and tools, to leverage your existing strengths and fast track your personal development, career and business growth.

The first step is always to take action towards what you want!

The possibilities available to you, through engaging Enterprise Coach, include;

  • A crystal clear vision of what you want to achieve
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success
  • Feel renewed, re-energised and inspired
  • Tangible Results - greater productivity, faster promotions and bigger profits
  • Deeper learnings - about yourself, how you're perceived and where you can improve
  • Faster action by making decisions with greater precision
  • Support and confidence to "lean in"
  • Clarity on what to improve, including blind spots
  • Being held accountable and told the truth

When doing the same thing just isn't getting you the results you want - it's time to do things differently! 

At last! An Executive & Business Coach that gets it!

Your Success Journey

executive coaching, business coaching, group training, self development,


Executive & Business Coaching

Executive Coaching is focused on your evolution into being the best version of yourself - as a leader, executive and whole person.  It super-charges your impact, personally and professionally. 

Effective Business Coaching requires similar systems to create powerful change within your business structure and the transformation begins with the business owner or Senior Management Team.

Group Training & Certification

Are you looking for tailored, high-value and high-impact Learning & Development Programs for your teams?

By developing understanding and skills around strengths, preferred behaviours, communication styles, values (driving forces) and emotional intelligence you can significantly improve and build your own high performing team.

Self Development & Personal Growth

A willingness to learn, grow and be coached is the hallmark of a powerful business leader.  You get to deep-dive into what makes you tick with our proven assessment tool and debrief programs.

Build your skills, your understanding of others and your personal effectiveness to deliver tangible results in areas of productivity, promotions and profitability.


I’ve already seen a change in the behaviour for the Service Delivery guys and how they communicate with me and with each other. It would also seem that they have bonded a lot more and made them more of a team."

  D. McKiernan
          APN Outdoor   

There was a feeling of relief and plenty of "Ah Ha!" moments when Harvey explained Talent Dynamics and how the flow between everyone works, I truly look forward to the growth of this business and the people in it thanks to Harvey.

K. Oliver
  IT Pros

With Harvey’s expertise, I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel. Harvey is not only excellent at what he does, he is also a man of his word, with high integrity and a genuine care for the people he works with. I am happy to be contacted.

E. Hunter
  Director of WHS 

Our Partners & Certifications


  • Uncover & overcome hidden (and not-so-hidden) challenges to your success
  • Fast-track your Career to the best, highest paid job you've ever had
  • Master Modern Leadership skills to build high performing teams
  • Become your Best Self by building Super Hero Skills
  • Super-charge your Business profitability, lead with power and live your ideal life

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